Order your custom frameless glass balustrade or glass staircase online today! We offer installation services in Auckland and deliver nationwide to Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington and Hawkes Bay. We stock 6 different glass balustrade systems and 3 interlink handrail systems: 

 Side Fixing Channel Balustrade System 

1200mm high glass fixed by individual aluminium channel blocks at the front of the deck. The continuous channel cover will hide all the fixing details behind. The channel fixing position can flush with the deck or vertically drop maximum 100mm. Finished height from 1100mm to 1000mm. Double joists required.

· Perfectly blend into the house    · Friendly to membrane deck    · Easy to install and adjust    · Suitable for Extra High Wind Zone




1000mm high glass top mounted on the deck by individual aluminium channel block and continuous cover to create a simple profile. All the fixing detail will be hidden behind the cover. Finished height around 1030mm. Triple joists required.

· Minimalist look    · Easy to installation    · Adjustable design    · Suitable for Very High Wind Zone


1000mm high glass fixed on top of the deck by 2205 S/S square mini post. The mini post is cast into one piece with cover plate included. Each mini post required four screws. Finished height around 1050mm. Triple joists required.

· Aesthetics design    · Can work up to Extra High Wind Zone    · Perfect for big Panels    · Straight forward installation with adjustable base