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DIY installation

DIY installation

18th Mar 2021

DIY Glass Balustrade & Pool Fencing Solutions

At Grand Glass, we specialise in supplying DIY glass balustrade and pool fencing solutions. Our shower screen products are also DIY.

We have selected the systems, products, and solutions in our range for their quality as well as for their installation features. All our products are also easy to adjust post-installation. Provided you are good at DIY, you will have no problem. Plus, we supply all the accessories that you need.

We can also supply you with detailed instructions for your system. Simply request this at the time you are placing your order. The installation guide explains all the steps required in the installation process, in addition to how to make adjustments to your system.

At Grand Glass, we have years of experience supplying DIY glass balustrade and pool fencing solutions to customers across New Zealand. Over the years, we have refined our instructions and guidance to make them as helpful and useful as possible.

Plus, we are always here to help if you need us. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of all the products in our range, and they are always happy to help with whatever query you have. Simply give us a call, and we'll provide the support and answers that you need.

Many of our customers are homeowners who are looking for a DIY solution so they can get the glass balustrade, pool fence, or shower screen that they want for less. You can benefit from our solutions too. Place your order today.

What About Issuing a PS3 for DIY Glass Balustrades and Pool Fencing Solutions?

The installation of your system might require a PS3 to be registered with your local council. However, this doesn't restrict the DIY potential of our solutions, as all our systems have PS1 support. In other words, they have a producer statement, so they are compliant with all regulations.

Therefore, you can issue your own PS3 for the installation that you have completed.