Round Offset Rail System

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Round Offset Rail System


The Round Offset Rail comes in two diameters 38.1mm or 50.8mm. The 316 Stainless Steel round tube connects to the glass panels or the wall with offset brackets. This type of handrail system provides extra secure and comfort for your glass balustrade.

There are 4 hardware components that make up this system:

  1. Tubes - either 50.8mm or 38.1mm diameter 
  2. Glass/wall to Rail Bracket - connecting tube to glass panels (Wall to Rail Bracket, also available to be purchased below)
  3. Connectors - elbows, joiners, and end cap and wall flange
  4. Glues - S/S Glue for connectors and Glass Glue for slotting rail on glass 

All hardware for this system is available for purchase online below: