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4 Glass Shower Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

Posted by Grand Glass on 4th Sep 2023

Showers are the focal point of all modern bathrooms and as such, should evolve with the times. Luckily, you don’t need a huge space or budget to make this work. Here are some glass shower ideas you might want to put to the test in your own bathroom.1. Doorless walk in shower designCompletely er …

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Pool Fences

Posted by Grand Glass on 4th Sep 2023

A swimming pool is a brilliant addition to any home, increasing property value as well as enjoyment. However, ensuring the pool is safe is just as important. In this article, we will focus on four essential reasons you should considering installing a pool fence. 1. SafetyPerhaps the most important …

5 Advantages of Glass Balustrades

Posted by Grand Glass on 10th Jul 2023

When you think of balustrades for a staircase, you might immediately think of the more traditional timber balustrades. But, these aren’t the only balustrades in Christchurch – at least not nowadays! Glass balustrades are becoming the go-to option for many properties that would love a stunning, conte …

Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing In NZ

Posted by Grand Glass on 26th May 2022

Here in New Zealand there are many pool fencing regulations, and having a barrier around your pool is a requirement. This is so that children, guests and pets do not fall in accidentally. Even shallow bodies of water can be very dangerous.While the requirements are quite strict in terms of height, p …

DIY system allows you to build your own glass balustrade

Posted by Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team on 27th Aug 2021

Few elements can give your outdoor setting that cool, designer edge like a frameless glass balustrade around your deck or a glass fence surrounding your pool and now, it’s never been easier to achieve that look.Grand Glass where customers can easily achieve the designer look for their pool, deck or …
DIY installation

DIY installation

17th Mar 2021

DIY Glass Balustrade & Pool Fencing Solutions At Grand Glass, we specialise in supplying DIY glass balustrade and pool fencing solutions. Our shower screen products are also DIY. We have selected the systems, products, and solutions in our range for their quality as well as for their installatio …