Glass Coating

Protect your asset with Nano Coating from Grand Glass!- Good Discount on Our Own Glass Panels!


What Are the Benifits of Our Glass Coating? 

Glass coating service provided by Grand Glass will enhance the durability and effectiveness of shower screens, pool fencing, balustrades, splashbacks, architectural and frameless panes. Our glass surface coating creates easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint properties.



Over time, lime deposits can build up on shower screens and glass corrosion can result in permanent damage to the molecular structure of the screen. Glass coating from Grand Glass stops corrosion by repelling lime, oil residues, and sea spray, which will highly extend the life of your project. 






With our glass corrosion coating and protection system, a shower screen will stay clear and bright requiring up to 90% less cleaning.





Our glass coating also repels fingerprints, dirt and stain residues. Your balustrade, pool fence, and splashback will stay clean and bright.







 Our glass coating is highly abrasion resistant, 100% UV stable and chemical resistant. It is also incredibly durable and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The glass coating protects external windows, commercial facades, rooftops, pool surrounds, and balconies.



Grand Glass provides 10 years warranty for the coating service. Our coating technicians are professional and experienced.








Grand Glass offers a surprise price to the coating service. If you choose our glass and materials, we will provide at least 30% off to your coating service!