Pool Fencing

Click your preferred style below and order glass pool fence online today! We offer hassle-free installation across Auckland and we deliver all over New Zealand including Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Christchurch and Dunedin. etc.


 Square Mini Post Pool Fencing System 


1200mm high glass fixed on top of the deck by 2205 S/S square mini post. The mini post is cast into one piece with cover plate included. Each mini post required four screws. Finished height around 1250mm. Triple joists required.

· Aesthetics design    · Perfect for big panels   · Straight forward installation with adjustable base




— Channel Pool Fencing System —

1200mm high glass supported by individual aluminium channel blocks either from the side of deck or top of the deck. The continuous channel cover will hide all the fixing details behind. The finished height will be 1200mm measure from the outside of the fencing. Depending on the pool area height, higher glass can be custom ordered.

· Minimalist look    · Easy installation    · Adjustable design



— Side Mini Post Pool Fencing System —

1200mm high glass supported by 2205 S/S side fixing mini post, the glass will sit on the edge of the deck and the finished height is around 1230mm. Each mini post requires two bolts and cover plate is included. Double joists required.

· Elegant diamond cut configuration    · Won't take much space from the deck    · D.I.Y friendly    · Work in Very High Wind Zone



Frameless Glass Pool Gates 

For each Pool Fencing System, you will need to also add a frameless gate section so you are able to make the pool area secure. 
With our high performance Gate Section, spring hinges are casting from duplex 2205 Stainless steel and tested 10,000 times of self closing. Latch will have Magnetic self close lock. 
With our premium hydraulic hinges, your pool gate will be truly soft closing, and no gate slamming anymore! Our premium hydraulic hinges are designed in Australia, easy installation and adjustment, explore brand new premium hydraulic hinges today.  




Glass Pool Fencing in Auckland, Tauranga, and Elsewhere in NZ

Glass is a popular pool fencing material in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, and elsewhere in NZ. Glass is clean, tidy, and long-lasting, particularly when the fixtures and fittings are manufactured from high-quality materials – at Grand Glass, we use stainless steel and aluminium fixtures and fittings for maximum corrosion resistance.

Glass pool fencing also looks fantastic. It is a modern and sophisticated fencing material and it keeps your pool area open and bright. Plus, glass has the added safety benefit that you can see into the pool area from outside.

Fixing Systems for Glass Pool Fencing from Grand Glass

We supply high-quality glass pool fencing solutions across New Zealand. All our fencing solutions are manufactured to the highest standards, plus we have a wide range of options in stock. If you are in Auckland, you can get your glass pool fence installed by our professional installers or you can install yourself.

The range of options we have available means we can deliver a solution that meets your requirements. It will also be suitable for the surface we are working with, and it will match your visual preference. The options mainly focus on the fixing system as all our glass pool fences are frameless.

The fixing options include square mini-posts, round mini-posts, or we can fix an aluminium channel to the surface to support the glass panels.

Best Quality Glass Pool Fence Auckland Wide

At Grand Glass, we can fix glass pool fences to a range of surfaces. Your fence will have a finished height of over 1,200mm, ensuring the fence adheres to NZ regulations.

The glass panels are also high quality and are made from toughened glass to ensure maximum durability.

We also supply frameless glass gates for your pool fence too. Our gates are self-closing and made to exacting standards.

Speak to a member of our team today about your pool area and to discuss the fencing solution you need. We can also give you a free, no-obligation quote. Please call now on 027 755 7705.